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Windsor® Chariot™ 3 iExtract 26 DUO Extractor - 234AH

DUO cleaning technology provides productive interim and deep extraction cleaning in one machine. Gravity-fed solution system to lower maintenance and operating cost. EcoMode optimizes productivity by lengthening run times between recharging and refilling. Dual floating counter-rotating brushes remove more soil from the carpet in one pass. Hygienic and durable tank-in-tank design. Simple, intuitive control panel for easy operator training and use. Dual-vacuum shoes. No-tool removal of vacuum shoe and brushes. Cleaning path: 26"; Vacuum shoe width: 2 x 15". Brush motor: 0.5 hp; Drive motor: 0.8 hp. Vacuum motor: 2 x 3-stage, 0.75 hp.  ea

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Host® Freestyle® ExtractorVAC® w/M1021 Brush

Self-propelled, gliding action. So easy, anyone can use it! Portable! Separates for transport. Wheeled storage tray rolls easily from job to job. Retrofit kit available for T6 HOST machines. This unique machine separates without tools into different components-flexibility which allows the Freestyle to adapt to a variety of jobs. 15.5" W x 15" D x 42" H.  ea

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Host® Liberator® ExtractorVAC®

The HOST Extractor VAC™ Liberator frees you from time-wasting trips to the janitor's closet for vacuums, spotters, carpet cleaning machines and pile lifters. Dimensions: 17" W x 13"D x 38" H. Shipping weight approximately 81 pounds. Includes brushes of choice & mounting bars for Caddy Packs. ea

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Kent Klenzor™ 16 Extractor - 16"

Utilizes single deflector spray jet technology. A single spray jet ensures even water and chemical coverage across the cleaning path. This eliminates the potential problem of uneven cleaning and streaks. The unique aerodynamically designed vacuum shoe leaves carpets dryer so foot traffic can get back on the floor sooner. 60 psi pump; 117" water lift, 0.7 gpm flow rate. 1.5 hp, 3 stage vacuum motor, 1/3 hp brush motor.  ea

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Mercury Floor Machines Carpet Spot Extractor with Hand Tool, 3-Gal Capacity, 20ft Cord, Yellow/Black

Convenient carpet extractor offers fast, efficient cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery. The 3-gal. self-contained system sprays and recovers its own cleaning solution. Recovery tank separates for clean, easy disposal of spent solution and soils. Durable 55-PSI pump delivers extracting solution into the carpet. Two-state 804 watt, 100 CFM vacuum motor efficiently recovers spent solution and soils. The black carrying-handle slides out for easy machine transport. Durable poly-molded body is easy to keep clean. Solution Tank Size (Volume): 3 gal; Recovery Tank Size (Volume): 3 gal; Water Pressure: 55 psi; Water Lift: 17".

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Mercury Floor Machines PRO-12 12-Gallon Carpet Extractor w/ Dual Vacuum Motors, 12gal Tank

Easy-fill 12-gallon detergent solution tank features a “Quick-Dump“ 12-gallon recovery tank. Powerful 100 psi solution pump delivers a steady supply of extracting solution to the carpet. Dual high-velocity vacuum motors with over 160-inch of lift. Powerful water pickup suction allows carpet to dry faster while the motor stays cooler with innovative air flow design. 25-feet vacuum and solution hoses—cleans 600 sq. ft. without moving the extractor. Semi-pneumatic 10-inch transport wheels for easy stair climbing. Includes strong, steel wand with 9-inch vacuum head and single spray jet. Solution Tank Size (Volume): 12 gal; Recovery Tank Size (Volume): 12 gal; Water Pressure: 100 psi; Water Lift: 160".

Alternate #MFM PRO-12-100-2
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Sandia Sniper 12 Gallon Extractors

Features include: Induction motor cooling. Sandia's innovative air intakes use the vacuum's own cooling fan to pull cool outside air over the vacuum motors. This innovation reduces motor temperatures by up to 18%. The heated air pressurizes the motor cavity forcing the hot air to be expelled through the six slotted vents. Easy twist access port. Quick removal, won't freeze in place. Add an internal heater to any Sniper Extractor. Heats solution to 198°. Power may be split between two cords. Trigger sprayer holders for spotting chemicals and agitation brushes. Molded-in air deflector reduces turbulence within the recovery tank. Automatic vacuum restrictor. Angled vacuumed cavity removes all liquids. Top mounted vents dissipates the hottest air.

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Sandia Spot-Xtract Spot Extractor w/Hoses & 4" Tool - 3 Gal.

Offers fast, efficient cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery. Durable 55 psi pump delivers extracting solution into the carpet. Vacuum motor: 2-stage Ametek, 804 watt/100CFM. Voltage: 115 volts/76" lift; Solution Pump: 55 psi. Power cord: 20', 16/3 gauge safety.  ea

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Tornado® Marathon Carpetrinser Upright Extractors

Whether you're a certified carpet technician or a carpet cleaning specialist, you will appreciate the features of Tornado's® complete line of professional grade portable carpet extractors designed for daily, interim or deep restoration cleaning. Available in 100 p.s.i. without heat, 200 p.s.i. with heat and 400 p.s.i. with Perfect Heat, you can clean everything from heavily soiled carpets to drapes and upholstery. All models are lightweight with a low center-of-gravity bladder system and include user-friendly, waist high control switches to accommodate operators of all sizes. Constructed of durable rotationally molded polyethylene, this unit reflects Tornado's commitment to design standards that will endure the rigors of daily use. Dual 2-stage 1.6 hp motor. Pump protection filters.

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Windsor® Admiral™ 8

Powerful, high speed carpet cleaning. Adjustable handle with easy-to-use fingertip controls for superior maneuverability and operator comfort. 45" L x 17.5" W x 36" H. Brush Motor: 1/3 hp AC with circuit breaker protection. Vacuum Motor: Three stage, bypass, 1.5 hp.  ea

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Windsor® Cadet™ 7

Unmatched value in an easy-to-use, self-contained carpet extractor. Easy-to-use controls reduce operator fatigue. 41" L x 17.5" W x 34" H. 50' power cable. 1/3 hp, three-stage vac motor.  ea

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Windsor® Chariot CE24 iExtract Extractor

Deep restorative extraction of soil and stains. Superior versatility, setting one; deep extraction, setting two; interim cleaning. Engineered for deep restorative extraction for carpets with heavy accumulation of soil and stains. High pressure, 100 psi pump, 1.2 gpm flow rate. Brush Motor: 2 x .75 hp (560 watts). Drive Motor: 0.83 hp (616 watts); Brush Speed: 800 rpm.

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Windsor® Clipper DUO Extractor - 10 Gal.

Change from interim to extraction at the turn of a switch. No mechanical changeover needed. Vac motor: 3 stage, bypass, 1.5 hp, 100 cfm, 120" waterlift. Brush motor: 1/2 hp AC with circuit breaker protection. Cleaning path: 16".  ea

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Windsor® Clipper™ 12

Flip handle for push or pull operation and convenient fingertip controls increase productivity and operator comfort. 43" L x 22" W x 32.5" H. Brush Motor: 1/3 hp AC w/circuit breaker protection. Vac Motor: Three stage, bypass, 1.5 hp.  ea

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Windsor® Commodore DUO Basic Extractor - 215 AH

Multiple options in one machine, iCapsol interim cleanings, and deep extraction cleaning. Change from interim to deep cleaning process with the turn of a switch, no mechanical changeover needed. Floating dual counter-rotating brushes agitate and permeate the cleaners into both sides of the carpet nap for even, thorough cleaning and improved carpet appearance. No operator adjustment needed. The DUO machines provide exceptional maneuverability and visibility; their compact design makes it easy to operate in small areas. The deluxe model has chemical tanks which are 1.22 gallon and 0.33 gallon. With the interim method using the iCapsol encapsulating chemical, the carpet is dry and ready for traffic in approximately 20 minutes. Vac motor: one x 3 stage, 0.75 hp. Brush motor: 0.5 hp. Cleaning path: 20" dual counter-rotating brushes.  ea

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Windsor® Commodore™ 20 Extractor - 20 Gal.

Exceptional maneuverability and compact design makes it easy to operate in small areas. Easy to use controls reduce training time. 49" L x 22" W x 41" H. Drive Motor: 1/8 hp (93 watts). Electrical System: 120 volt, 15 amp.  ea

Alternate #CMD20
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Windsor® Mini Pro™ 4 Extractor - 10"

Productively clean and freshen up carpet surfaces with less effort. Designed for minimal service. Quiet, lightweight and easy to use. Vacuum Shoe Width: 12.5" cast aluminum. Vacuum Motor: 3-stage, 1.5 hp (1130 watts). Air Flow Rate: 0.38 gpm at jet.  ea

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Windsor® Voyager™ 21 Extractor - Battery

All components are easily accessible for service with its convenient flip over tank. Self-propelled with variable speed control. 43" L x 30" W x 43" H. Adjustable brush height. Weighted vac shoe swivels to follow cleaning path.  ea

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Windsor® Dominator™ 17 Extractor-17 Gal., 150 PSI,w/Kit

Large transport wheels and compact size make Dominator easy to move around the facility or transport from job site to job site. Adjustable 0-500 psi spray pressure provides versatility to clean delicate upholstery and the power to clean the dirtiest carpet. Models available with 1850W internal water heater for additional cleaning power. Wide open accessibility to service components makes maintenance and cleaning simple. All controls are conveniently positioned in one easy-to-reach location.  ea

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Electrolux Sanitaire® Butler 3-Gallon Carpet Extractor 6092A, 3.5 gal Tank, Red/Black, 35 ft Cord

The compact design of this extractor allows it to clean even the smallest areas. A 10 " brush agitates the cleaning solution into the carpet and the powerful vacuum motor pulls the dirty solution into a removable recovery tank. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with the quick disconnect spray jet and lift-off recovery tank. Both filters are easy to access and clean. Molded handle allows for easy lifting and folds for storage and transport. Solution flow is controlled by the handle-mounted lever. All three motors have separate switches. Extractor is the perfect machine for cleaning up everything from small spills to entire rooms. Features include a 2-stage, 1.5 hp 111 CFM vacuum motor, 12" cleaning path, 8" wheels and a fixed brush. Solution Tank Size (Volume): 3.5 gal; Recovery Tank Size (Volume): 3 gal; Water Pressure: 20 psi; Water Lift: 92".

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Electrolux Sanitaire® Model SC6095 Upright Carpet Cleaner, 9 gal Recovery Tank, 100 psi, Black

Neat self-contained unit combines high-performance two-stage motor and heavy-duty motorized chevron brush for powerful, high-quality deep cleaning. A 17-inch wide cleaning path gets more done faster. Easily dispense the cleaning solution with 100 psi pump; 9-gallon tank capacity, by simply pressing the cleaning solution button. The automatic suction safety shuts off if the unit tips over. Extra-large, easy-roll wheels and molded handle for mobility. Detachable three-wire, 50-ft. power cord. Solution Tank Size (Volume): 9 gal; Recovery Tank Size (Volume): 9 gal; Water Pressure: 100 psi; Water Lift: 120".

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Sanitaire® Spot Clean Extractor - 1.6 Gal.

Features removable solution and recovery tanks with large easy-roll wheels. Tank capacity: 1.6 Gal.; Pump: 58; Water lift: 79. Hose length: 8'; Motor: 2-stage; Cord length: 15'. Power: 9 amps.  ea

Alternate #SC6075A
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VersaClean P1200MS Box Extractor

Easier to transport and store than leading competitors. Balanced and compact and only 39.5 H x 32 D x 19.75 W. Lower amp draw. Auto-fill. Auto-pumpout. Optimized performance for use on 15-amp circuits. Adjustable general high pressure pump. Pressure gauge. Wand, hoses and other cleaning tools sold separately.  ea

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Windsor® Priza Spray Extraction Carpet Cleaner

Powerful, compact spray extraction for smaller areas and upholstery cleaning. Carpets dry up to 63% faster than with other products. Air flow rate: 114.4 cfm. Vacuum: 88" waterlift. Spray rate: .26 gal/min.  ea

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ISSA Green Seal Certified CABSC SWAM