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Food Storage Containers


Office Settings 2-Piece Drain Rack Sink Set

Large, two-piece sink set includes dish drainer and drain board. Pieces are held together with sturdy snap-lock tabs, holding tight when you need them to, but detaching easily for cleaning. The dish drainer features a unique system of channeled grooves to accommodate dishes and cups. Accommodates up to 14 plates, seven small plates/bowls and eight cups, along with ample room for flatware.

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Office Settings Drain Rack

Unique combination dish rack and drain board allows you to accomplish all of your tasks while conserving space. Innovative, self-draining system, with an angled base and solid bottom, keeps water flowing into the sink and not onto the countertop. Elevated feet allow the drain rack to fit over the edge of the sink. Features 10 plate holders, two utensils holders and eight perimeter cup holders.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Cold Food Pan Covers

Soft-seal system lids ensure compatibility with Max System™ Racks and CaterMax™ Carriers. Quieter-than-metal, nearly unbreakable polycarbonate provides excellent temperature resistance. Predrilled, NSF-approved peg holes aid in drying and simplify storage. Commercial dishwasher-safe.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Cold Food Pans

Convenient serving/prep pans fit Max System™ Racks and CaterMax™ Carriers. Break-resistant polycarbonate is quieter than metal. Nonstick surfaces simplify cleanup. Commercial dishwasher-safe.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Drain Trays, 26w x 18d, Clear

Domed design effectively drains liquid away from foodstuffs and improves airflow during storage. Scratch-resistant polycarbonate is both lightweight and durable. Standard design ensures universal compatibility with all appropriately sized Rubbermaid® Commercial polycarbonate boxes. Food Container Type: Drain Tray; Material(s): Polycarbonate; Color(s): Clear; Depth: 18".

Alternate #RCP 3318 CLE
Add to Cart $31.59/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial Food Box Colanders, 12gal, 26w x 18d x 8h, Clear

Domed-bottom design promotes liquid drainage and enhances airflow. Easy-lift handles simplify insertion and removal. Compatible with all appropriately sized Rubbermaid® Commercial Food/Tote Boxes. Food Container Type: Colander; Material(s): Polycarbonate; Capacity (Volume): 12 gal; Color(s): Clear.

Alternate #RCP 3322 CLE
Add to Cart $78.08/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial Food/Tote Box Lids

Complete your Rubbermaid® Commercial Food/Tote Box with a tight-fitting lid. Durable polymer construction enables freezer- and dishwasher-safe use. Date-control panel enables easy labeling.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Hot Food Pan Covers, 20 4/5w x 12 4/5d, Amber

Ultra-durable lids feature a -40°F to 375°F temperature-resistance range. Nearly unbreakable polycarbonate is quieter and cooler to the touch than metal. Predrilled, NSF-approved peg holes allow close-at-hand storage and convenient hang drying. Commercial dishwasher-safe. Food Container Type: Serving Pan Cover; Material(s): Polycarbonate; Color(s): Amber; Depth: 12 7/8".

Alternate #RCP 234P AMB
Add to Cart $80.14/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial Hot Food Pans

Nearly unbreakable polycarbonate withstands temperatures as low as -40°F and as high as 375°F, making it ideal for a wide range of serving and prep applications. Safety- and quality-first design results in a clatter-resistant, cooler-to-the-touch pan. Nonstick surfaces simplify serving and cleaning tasks. Commercial dishwasher-safe.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial ProSave Bin Replacement Lid & Scoop, 12 1/10w x 29d x 1 9/10h, Clear

Lift- and slide-open design provides easy one-handed access. Patent-pending scoop-hook system allows the scoop to be stored inside the bin but out of the product. Lid clasp ensures secure closure, protecting ingredients from contamination. Industrial-grade structural web construction. Food Container Type: Ingredient Bin/Pail; Material(s): Structural Web Plastic; Color(s): Clear; Depth: 29".

Alternate #9F77
Add to Cart $163.26/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial ProSave™ Mobile Ingredient Bin

High-volume bin features a compact, rectangular design that helps maximize use of space under prep table and in storeroom. Clear flip-open lid enables at-a-glance contents recognition. Slide-open lid window provides one-handed ingredient access. Integrated Scoop and Storage system ensures food-code compliance. Smooth-rolling casters deliver mobility.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial PROSAVE Shelf Ingredient Bin, 19 1/5" x 23 1/2" x 16 7/8"

Patent-pending quick one handed access while stacked and integrated measuring tool increases preparation efficiency, space optimization, and promotes food safety compliance. Food Container Type: Ingredient Bin; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): White; Depth: 23 1/2".

Alternate #FG9G5800WHT
Add to Cart $333.65/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial ProSave Shelf Ingredient Bin Wall-Mount Rack, 10 5/8 x 10 1/2 x 7 1/4, Chrome

Improve efficiency by mounting ProSave™ Shelf Ingredient Bins where workers can most easily get to them. Wall-mounting saves space, effectively increasing your total production area. Chrome-plated steel provides an attractive, professional appearance. Height: 7 1/4"; Length: 10 1/2"; Width: 10 5/8"; Weight: 2.6 lbs.

Alternate #RCP 9G81CHREA
Add to Cart $54.14/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial ProSave™ Shelf-Storage Ingredient Bin

Patent-pending lid design enables quick, one-handed access to ingredients. FIFO (first in, first out) barrier simplifies stock rotation. Integrated measuring scoop stores inside the bin but above the bin's contents. Clear window and included ingredient labels help minimize confusion regarding contents. Stackable system allows you to optimize use of space and enhance workplace efficiency.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial ProSave Sliding Lid, 20 3/4" x 5" x 20 3/4", White/Clear

Integrated sliding lid for one-handed access. Clear door for quick identification of ingredients. Integrated scoop and storage for food safety compliance and efficiency. Food Container Type: Ingredient Bin/Pail; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): White/Clear; Depth: 20 3/4".

Alternate #FG9G7700WHT
Add to Cart $57.24/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial Round Storage Container Lids

Budget-friendly, ultra-durable lids are designed specifically for Rubbermaid® Commercial Round Storage Containers. Tight-sealing design helps preserve food freshness. Easy-lift tab simplifies removal. Date/label insert enables at-a-glance contents recognition. Dishwasher-safe.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Round Storage Containers

Economical, ultra-durable containers fulfill a wide variety of foodservice and general storage requirements. Easy-grip handles provide better control when pouring contents. Reinforced rim enhances rigidity, preserving the opening's symmetry. Stackable, nesting design enables space-saving storage. Dishwasher-safe.

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Rubbermaid® Commercial SpaceSaver Square Container Lids, 8 4/5w x 8 3/4d, White

Complete your SpaceSaver Square Container system with matching lids. Snap-tight fit helps ensure food freshness. Finger tab simplifies access. Flexible material provides nearly unbreakable performance. Dishwasher-safe. Food Container Type: Storage/Tote Box Lid; Material(s): Polyethylene; Color(s): White; Depth: 8 3/4".

Alternate #RCP 6509 WHI
Add to Cart $6.64/EA

Rubbermaid® Commercial SpaceSaver Square Containers

Store more when you choose SpaceSaver Square Containers. Bright and bold volume gradations help ensure precise measurements. Smooth surfaces deliver easy-to-clean convenience. Durable construction provides excellent crack- and puncture-resistance. Nestable/stackable design allows you to maximize your use of space. Dishwasher-safe.

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