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Misc. Cleaning Supplies


Zip-Up™ 12' Quick Support Pole

Heavy duty telescoping poles for creating a dust barrier, holding up cabinets, supporting dry wall sheets and much more.  ea

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Zip-Up™ The Zipper Hatch - 30" x 72", White

Perfect for making an easy access to shrink-wrap enclosures on boats, buildings or large equipment. 10 mil UV resistant poly lasts up to a year outside. Supplied with tape.  10/cs

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Zip-Up™ Twin Zipper Door

Zip-Up™ patented peel and stick zipper. Create a door in containment sheeting in seconds. Twin pack box contains (2) 3" x 7' zippers.  ea

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Impact® Controller™ Splash Back Ring

Eliminates baseboard splash during floor stripping and scrubbing jobs. Fits around most floor machines up to 22" diameter; not adjustable. Saves time and labor. Keeps cleaning solution next to work surface. Protects electrical cord from pads or brushes. 22" Dia. x 2" H.  ea

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Boardwalk® Complete Cleaning Kit, Med. Mop, 60"Handle, Blue/Green/Yellow

Complete cleaning kit provides a thorough clean for multiple surfaces, including floors, sidewalks and sinks. System features a wet mop, push broom, maid's broom, handles and microfiber cloths. Launderable mop head and microfiber cloths provide durability. Easy-to-use system is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Application: Floors; Mop Head Size: Medium; Handle Length: 60"; Mop Head Color: Blue.

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Impact® Enduro Cloths™ - Small, Blue

Reusable; lint free. Highly absorbent, holds up to 20 times its own weight in water. Closed pores, won't harbor bacteria. Soft yet durable, resistant to tearing. 100% biodegradable. Biodegrades in 24 weeks in microbial active soil. Made of natural materials, cellulose and cotton. Replace up to 15 rolls of paper towel. Machine washable and dishwasher safe. Wash at 200° F and lay flat to dry. Eliminates water droplet trails other towels leave behind. Four standard colors for different application areas.  12/5/cs

Alternate #10200
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Rubbermaid® Commercial HYGEN™ Clean Water System Starter Kit, 51.31" Stainless Steel Handle, Microfiber Pad

Clean Water System ensures clean floors with absorbent, double-sided microfiber pads. Color-coded to reduce cross-contamination, high-efficiency pads cover up to 500 feet of floor in one wring. A high-capacity refillable reservoir provides enough solution to clean up to 850 square feet of floor without stopping. Durable stainless steel frame. Ergonomic trigger handle makes floor cleaning a breeze, dispensing a triple stream of cleaning solution for clean and shiny floors. Application: Floors; Mop Head Size: 5.38"; Handle Length: 51.31"; Mop Head Color: Blue/Green.

Alternate #RCP 1807914
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Laundry Net, 24w x 24d x 36h, Synthetic Fabric, White

Protect mops and pads when you clean them in a machine washer. Locking closure keeps wash item in the bag. Durable synthetic material stands up to frequent use. Laundry Bag/Hamper Type: Bag; Material(s): Synthetic Fiber; Color(s): White; Width: 24".

Alternate #RCP U210
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Semi-Live Skid Jack Handle, 2000lb Cap, 50in Long, Red

Handle matches up with Rubbermaid® Commercial tow plates simplifying attachment and removal. Tight turning-radius design enables easy maneuverability. TPR, shock-absorbing casters. All steel handle and linkage. Length: 50"; Material(s): Steel; Capacity (Weight): 2,000 lbs; For Use With: Rubbermaid® Commercial Semi-Live Skids.

Alternate #RCP 4492 RED
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Rubbermaid® Laundry Basket, 10 7/8w x 22 1/2d x 16 1/2h, Plastic, White, 8/Carton

Sturdy, ultra-durable basket handles heavy laundry loads. Smooth finish prevents clothes from snagging on the basket. Molded edges help you keep a solid grip, ensuring carrying ease. Laundry Bag/Hamper Type: Basket; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): White; Capacity (Volume): 1.6 bushels.

Alternate #RHP 2965-85 WHI
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Tolco® Stripper Stop® - 4 1/2" x 36"

Super absorbent fibers and moisture proof backing prevent chemicals and liquids from spreading into areas not being cleaned. Does not affect the ability of wheeled equipment to roll from one area to another. Environmentally Friendly. Helps reduce chemical usage and can be reused in most circumstances.  4/10/cs

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Wilen® Laundry Net

100% polyester net with drawstring lock closure. Helps prevent tangles and damage when laundering mops. Also ideal for laundering other items. 24" x 36", White.  12/cs

Alternate #A80803
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Swiffer® Bissell® SteamBoost™ Mop

Bissell® steam technology meets Swiffer® wet-pad know-how. Quick-steaming kit deeply penetrates and removes soils that normal wet-mopping can leave behind. Dirt-dissolving, solution-treated pad pulls dirt from surfaces and locks it away. Easy to use, easy to maintain: Just fill it up with water, plug in, attach a pad, give your finished hardwood or laminate floor a once over, unplug and throw the pad away -- no fuss, no mess. For use with Swiffer® SteamBoost™ pad refills (two pads included).

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Swiffer® Bissell® SteamBoost™ Pad Refills

Bissell® steam technology meets Swiffer® wet-pad know-how. Deeply penetrates and removes soils that standard wet-mopping can leave behind. Steam-activated, dirt-dissolving cleaning solution treated pads. For use with Swiffer® Bissell® SteamBoost™ mop.

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Swiffer® Refill Cloths, 17 7/8 x 10, White, 16/Box, 6 Boxes/Carton

Fits 17" wide Swiffer Max® sweeper. Application: General Purpose; Material(s): Cloth; Color(s): White; Dirt Types: Dust; Lint; Liquid.

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Swiffer® Sweep + Trap™

Swiffer Sweep & Trap uses soft, rotating blades to pick up large particles and a Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth to trap dirt, dust and hair that brooms can leave behind. This innovative combination cleans up big and small messes in a single swipe. The blades and the dirt bin are easily removed for cleaning and just as easy to reattach. No batteries or power are needed so it’s quick and easy to use. Sweep & Trap is only intended for dry pick-up on hard floor surfaces. Always use it with a Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth attached to the bottom. Some assembly required.

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Swiffer® Sweep + Trap™ System

The Sweep & Trap system uses the power of rotating blades to pick up large particles and flick them into an attached dust bin. The attached dry cloth eliminates small particles by picking up dirt, dust and hair. Use this convenient tool to clean big and small messes all at once. Easy grip handle makes cleaning comfortable. The 360 degree swivel head allows you to clean easily under and around furniture without strain. Designed for dry use on hard floor surfaces.

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Swiffer® Sweep + Vac™

Pick a power-packed vacuum that combines strong suction with Swiffer® dry cloths to dig deep into cracks and crevices. Lightweight, compact vacuum makes cleaning easy. Convenient cordless SweeperVac is easily rechargeable, whenever you need it. Easy-empty dirt cup means no more messy vacuum bags. A comfortable ergonomic handle enhances the cleaning experience.

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Swiffer® Sweeper Vac Replacement Filter, OEM, 24/Carton

Convenient replacement filter is designed to work with the Swiffer® Sweeper Vac™. Easy-empty dirt cup means no more messy vacuum bags. Helps keep Swiffer® Sweeper Vac™ working efficiently for durable, floor-cleaning service. OEM/Compatible: OEM.

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Swiffer® WetJet® Mop

Swiffer® WetJet® gives you a great clean on virtually any floor in your home. With a unique dual-nozzle sprayer, this all-in-one mopping system breaks up and dissolves tough messes for a powerful clean. Its cleaning solution loosens dirt and lifts it off the floor, pulling dirt and grime into the WetJet® pad and locking it away for good.

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Impact® The Mopster™ Microfiber Bucketless Mop System

Complete system includes 16" frame, 32 oz. bottle, disposable microfiber pad, and 54" handle. Lightweight and modular.  ea

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Franklin Cleaning Technology® Workhorse Carpet Sweeper, 46", Black

Quickly pick up dust, dirt and debris with this highly effective blade-rotor sweeper. Versatile design works on brick, tile, linoleum, wood, carpet and concrete. Rubber bumper helps protect furniture legs, walls and baseboards. Solid steel construction with baked enamel finish. Application: Carpet; Concrete; Hard Floor; Tiles; Woodwork; Handle Material: Plastic; Handle Diameter: 1"; Color(s): Black.

Alternate #FRK 39357
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Impact® E-Z Grabber

Aluminum shaft with durable pistol grip. Rubber grips pick up objects as wide as 4 1/4", as heavy as 2 pounds. 30" length makes it easy to reach objects in high places. Eliminates bending to pick up litter.  ea

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ZipWall® Heavy Duty Zipper - 2-Pack

Each unit includes two zippers, two flap hooks, and one ZipperKnife™ sheeting cutter.  ea

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ZipWall® Standard Zipper 2 Pack

Quickly create an entryway in a plastic barrier wherever you need it. Each unit includes two zippers and two flap hooks.  ea

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ZipWall® ZipDoor™ Standard Door Kit

Cover any doorway in just a minute to provide an airtight seal with zippers for easy entry and exit. One kit for a standard door up to 3' x 7'. Made from 4 mil plastic sheeting. Includes on e roll of 1" x 24' ZipWall® double-sided tape. Also includes two flap hooks.  ea

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O'Dell Advantage+ Wet Mop System

The ultimate cleaning system for healthcare, hospitality, education, and industry. Self-contained cleaning system. Removable bottles for quick change. Increased efficiency. Substantial cost savings in chemicals.  ea

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ISSA Green Seal Certified CABSC SWAM