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Master Lock® 4-Pin Tumbler Lock

A tough and durable steel lock to help prevent theft and increase security. The laminated steel body provides superior strength, while the 4-pin cylinder helps prevent picking. Rust proofing ensures a longer life, especially with outdoor use.

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Master Lock® Combination Lock

Three-number dialing and 1,500 combinations for maximum security. Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance. Black dial.

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Master Lock® Lightweight Zenex Safety Lockout Padlock, 1 1/2" Wide, Red, 2 Keys, 6/Box

Designed exclusively for lockout/tagout purposes, Zenex™ lock is durable, lightweight and non-conductive. Key-retaining feature ensures padlock is not left unlocked. Compliant with OSHA "one employee, one lock, one key" directive. Bilingual labels ensure that the lockout message is clear. Customize locks on-site with permanent write-on labels. Lock Type: Padlock; Body Material: Zenex™; Color(s): Red; Body Width: 1 1/2 in.

Alternate #470-411RED
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Master Lock® Password Plus Combination Lock, Hardened Steel Shackle, 2 1/2" Wide, Silver

Combines letters and numbers to create an alpha-numeric password. Removable combo wheels can be interchanged to create thousands of codes. Chrome-look lock body with assorted color wheels: blue, black, red or white. Lock Type: Combination Lock; Body Material: Laminated Steel; Color(s): Chrome-Look Lock Body with Assorted Color Wheels; Blue; Black; Red; White; Body Width: 2 1/2".

Alternate #1534D
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Master Lock® ProSeries Stainless Steel Easy-to-Set Combination Lock, Stainless Steel, 5/16"

Stainless steel body and shackle to protect in harsh environments. Up to 10,000 easy-to-set combinations. Large ergonomic dials permit operation with gloves, in low light or complete darkness. Locks have shackle seals and dust covers to protect internal mechanisms from dust and grit. Lock Type: Combination; Body Material: Stainless Steel; Body Width: 2 9/50"; Shackle Size: 5/16".

Alternate #1174D
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Master Lock® Resettable Combination Padlock

Durability and simplicity are the dominating characteristics in the design of this padlock. The brass with hardened steel shackle ensures a tough, durable lock. The resettable combination allows up to 10,000 possible settings. For convenience, simply use the change key to quickly reset the password and pass the lock onto another user.

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Master Lock® Government Safety Lockout Padlock, Zenex, 1 1/2", Red, 1 Key, 6/Box

Designed specifically for OSHA lockout compliance, sturdy lock is brightly colored with a warning label. Steel shackle has 1 1/2" clearance. Durable, non-conductive lock body is built to last. Permanent labels on lock guarantee that passersby will get the message. Complies with OSHA's "One Employee, One Lock, One Key" directive. Lock Type: Key Lock; Body Material: Xenoy; Color(s): Red; Body Width: 1 1/2 in.

Alternate #470-410RED
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Master Lock® Set-Your-Own Combination Lock, Steel, 1 7/8" Wide, Assorted

First resettable dial combination lock. Create a personalized combination using three letters, numbers or both. Matte, high-tech finish in assorted colors. Patented technology operates with standard "Right-Left-Right" combination. Easy to set and reset. Maximum security with anti-shim technology. Lock Type: 3-Number/Letter Combination; Body Material: Steel; Color(s): Black; Blue; Green; Pink; Body Width: 1 7/8".

Alternate #1590D
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Master Lock® Speed Dial Set-Your-Own Combination Lock, 2" Wide, Assorted

Speed dial combination dial is faster and easier to use than standard turn dial because combination consists of a series of user-set up/down, left/right movements. One-handed, no-look operation for ease of use. Lock Type: Combination; Body Material: Metal; Color(s): Assorted; Body Width: 2".

Alternate #1590ID
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Master Lock® Steel Lockout Hasp

Steel lockout hasps keep equipment inoperative while repairs are made. Lockout is performed by multiple workers at each point, increasing safety for the whole team. Control cannot be turned on until the final worker's padlock is removed from the hasp, promoting safety and preventing accidents. Heavy-gauge steel jaw resists prying.

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Master Lock® Three-Pin Brass Tumbler Locks, 3/4" Wide, 2 Locks & 2 Keys, 2/Pack

Promote a high level of theft deterrence by using a strong and durable lock. The standard steel shackle and solid brass lock body provide both a stable, yet stylish lock. The 3-pin tumbler ensures security. Pack of two. Lock Type: Key; Body Material: Brass; Color(s): Brass; Body Width: 3/4".

Alternate #120T
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American Lock® Solid Aluminum Padlock, 1 1/2" Wide, Red, 2 Keys

Corrosion-resistant padlock is made to withstand harsh environments. Hardened boron alloy shackle is strong and tamper-resistant. Lightweight lock is spark-resistant and sturdy. Dual ball bearing locking mechanism provides extra security, resisting pulling and prying. Pick-resistant padlock is a solid choice for extra security. Lock Type: Padlock; Body Material: Aluminum; Color(s): Red; Body Width: 1 1/2 in.

Alternate #AMK A1106REDKD
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ISSA Green Seal Certified CABSC SWAM