As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, demand for cleaning services and supplies is on the rise as thousands of retailers, government offices, and restaurant operators seek to disinfect their spaces. We at Abel Industries, Inc. are here to help you put your customers mind at ease with the necessary tools and products to do just that.

Monarch Smart Rags

SmartRags are the smarter tool for all tasks. Each box contains 50 12”x12” microfiber cloths with precision cut seamless edges. Smaller and more compact than regular microfiber cloths, SmartRags are ideal for utility carts, route driver POP sales, and would work well in high-loss environments.

 ENVIROX products are safer, healthier, and leave far less residue than typical cleaners. No more sticky surfaces that get dirty quickly and can harbor bacteria. Less worry about surface damage or worker safety

  • Replace your closet full of cleaners with a single streamlined cleaning solution.
  • Tackle 95% of your cleaning challenges with just one highly effective, incredibly versatile product.
  • Instantly simplify your cleaning program, reduce costs, and get great cleaning results.
  • Safer, healthier products that are practically impossible to misuse.
  • Fewer products and straightforward training materials means quicker, easier training.
                              SIMPLE MEAUSRE

Stay up to date on the latest CDC recommended procedures, as well as   EPA-Registered disinfectants to kill bacteria.

Classic nonwoven disposable towels are thick, highly absorbent and right-sized to distribute sanitizers and disinfectants over large areas allowing for thorough surface coverage and proper dwell time


MDI Refillable Surface Wiping System For Pro-Series® Wipers

  • 1.4 gallon round charging bucket with handle and dispensing lid. Dispensing lid has tab closure to protect unused wipers.
  • Includes one instruction sheet and five GHS-compliant secondary labels
  • Max refill wiper roll size 7.5" diameter
  • Bucket only



Coronavirus Information and Resources Courtesy of Clorox

Prevent and control outbreaks by following these protocols for cleaning and disinfecting around your school