The following brief outline is designed to acquaint you with Abel Industries, Inc. and the services we offer. We opened for business over 40 years ago with just a small line of paper and chemical items. After much investigative research of both consumers and manufacturers, we have grown to a full service wholesale distributor with a complete line of janitorial supplies. Our inventory consists of over 4500 different products from approximately 400 manufacturers from all over the globe.

Our primary goal was, and continues to be, to develop the best product lines at the most reasonable prices. An example of this is demonstrated in our high quality chemical line. This line is recognized in the industry as among the most technologically advanced in the world. In today’s market a product must do the job for which it is intended with excellent results as well as meeting the critical criteria of safety and environmental concerns. The final requirement of all our chemicals is the cost and labor saving ease of application. This brings us to the next line of which we are very proud.

Full Service Repair Shop

We have a complete and often unique line of machinery and equipment and we service what we sell. The very best equipment is subject to wear and tear and so we maintain a complete factory approved repair shop on our premises and offer pickup and delivery. Arrangements can also be made for larger pieces of equipment to be repaired on-site. We feel that there is another important advantage to servicing what we sell in that we obtain firsthand knowledge of exactly how the equipment performs in the field.

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Diversified Product Lines

The last primary lines that we would like to draw your attention to are those of paper and liners. Over the years these two commodities have been subject to temporary shortages and so to insure our customers the best price protection and availability possible, we stock the products of several different manufacturers. This also gives our customers a wide range of flexibility when bidding jobs that require the supply of high quality or more economical products.

Reliable and Timely Delivery of Products

While the purchasing department was developing our fine line of products, the shipping department was just as innovative in its plans of getting those products to our customers in a timely and efficient manner. Abel Industries, Inc. is proud of our day or night delivery capabilities. Orders received before 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday, are normally dispatched the next business day to areas in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Southern Maryland. All shipments (except emergencies) are delivered by Abel uniformed drivers in cell phone equipped, satellite monitored trucks. In addition, all orders outside our normal delivery area are shipped by common carrier.

On-Site Showroom

What separates us from most of our competitors, besides our excellent customer service, we have a conveniently located showroom to provide our customers and the public with immediate access to our products and purchase power. We are proud of the fact that we have a fully staffed showroom with knowledgeable sales staff to assist with any questions about use or application of our products.


In striving to be a truly full service company to our customers, we recognized that superior products and delivery was only the beginning. We built a training facility at Abel Industries where both audiovisual and hands-on training classes can be held. Your sales representative can also arrange for training classes at the site of your choice. Periodically we schedule Seminars as well to help keep our customers up to date on the latest techniques in the Janitorial Sanitation fields.

Reporting and Analysis Capabilities

In addition, we developed many computer programs to provide our customers with accurate inventory and cost control reports. For instance the “Reconciliation Report” details usage and costs for each ship-to location for any given period of time. This can facilitate bidding and cost cutting decisions. Our customers will soon be able to place orders on-line with their own negotiated price structure, track invoices and payments, and get up to date information concerning new products and specials events.

Personal Sales Representatives

We are probably most proud though, of our experienced and highly trained Sales Force. Each customer is assigned a representative who is personally responsible for fulfilling the company’s goal of 100% customer satisfaction. He or she coordinates all the efforts of Abel Industries to provide our customers with excellent, user friendly, access to our products, their billing, and training needs. The Sales force is then backed up Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00 PM by an equally well-trained and friendly Customer Service Department.

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